Friday, July 1, 2016

When Opportunity Knocks...

On our long drive home from Indiana last week, I received a text from a friend:

Are you back in Maine? The offer still stands if you can come to Squirrel Island tomorrow, Thursday?? We'd love to have you!
Husbands, dogs, children welcome, too!

My immediate response should have been "HECK YES," but here's a thing about me--I'm not great at "yes."

Admittedly, this was an easy adventure--it involved throwing some shorts and t-shirts into a backpack, taking a ferry, and then walking and lounging on a beautiful island off Boothbay.

Nothing to fear in that offer, I tell you.  Nothing!

But I was tired.  It had been a long weekend with two long road trips. I spend my life making plans--for the classes I teach, for my daughter's activities, for what we might eat for dinner on any given night--and sometimes when it's time to make plans just for me, I'm burnt out!

It was going to take at least a little bit of Oomph to get my act together and go.

But I'm not completely stupid.

Of course I said "yes!"

Jon couldn't come--he had to go back to work--but Kevin and I packed our bags and set our plan in motion.  In true me-fashion, I was nervous about taking Kevin by myself, but it was too good of an opportunity for him to miss, too.

Turns out, Squirrel Island is magical.

This fairy house was constructed by a dentist.
There are real teeth on the shelf in the front yard.
Adventures like these nearly always work out perfectly.  I don't know why it takes so much of my energy to get up and go to them.  I suppose it's not knowing what to expect, and getting a case of the what-ifs, but seriously: friends + Maine Islands in the Summer = Perfection.  This is a pretty obvious equation.

Happy Adventure Dog
He doesn't even mind swimming in the seaweed.

Thanks, Joan, to you and your wonderful family for hosting Kevin and me!  We had a truly splendid visit.

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