Sunday, June 5, 2016

An Inspiring Adventurer: Casey Neistat

My husband loves YouTube.  He's always learning about whatever his latest hobby is by watching pro videos.  Watching regularly allows you to find Youtube personalities and subscribe to their channels, making it easier to keep up with their latest posts.  Jon subscribes to roughly a zillion channels.   I subscribe to four.  

One of my four is my own channel from my school gmail account (how lame) and two, Taylor Swift Music Videos and Hamster Advice, mysteriously appeared after I let Abby use my laptop.  

So the only truly legit channel I subscribe to belongs to Casey Neistat.

Jon came across filmmaker and Youtuber Casey Neistat while researching photography.  Casey is in year two of uploading a Video Blog (or vlog) every single day.  This is an impressive feat.  I started watching Casey videos over Jon's shoulder, and now it's a nightly ritual for us to catch up on Casey's vlog.  

Casey Neistat is an inspirational adventurer.  He lives in New York City, makes incredible movies, and packs more into a day than anyone I've ever seen.  He is funny and creative, and most of all, he has an incredibly positive outlook on...everything.

He is also way more daring and adventurous than I will ever be, but he has encouraged me to get up and get moving and to keep a positive attitude.  I'm including one of his earlier movies here, as it is thematically appropriate for this blog, but I hope you'll subscribe to his channel and watch more of his great videos.  (Don't let the image fool you--this is an awesome video.)  This video is called "Make It Count."

Ok, time to go watch Casey.

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