Thursday, June 16, 2016

Adventure Dog Provides Some Much Needed Levity

If you ask Kevin, he'll tell you: one of his primary purposes in life is to return things to you that you keep throwing away over and over.

"I'll get it, Dad."

And when you throw those things away into the waves at Higgins Beach, returning them to you is extra important.

"I got it."
When he is in retrieval mode, nothing distracts Kevin from his duty.  Not even a cute little pup called Miss Kate, who is also working as hard as Kevin at her passion:

Miss Kate is a herding dog.  She loves working labs.
They give her someone to herd.
I admire Kevin's passion.

What's your passion?  Does pursuing it block out all other distractions? Is that even possible for a human?

"Well done, Pup."
"Thanks, Dad."

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