Saturday, June 25, 2016

A Party for Mom

Today my family hosted a party.  We could not have had a better day or a better location.

This is my dad's backyard.  That's his hangar and his airplane (and my Kevin).

The party is for my Mom.  My mom's favorite season was summer, her favorite activity, hosting friends and family on her screened-in porch attached to the hangar.

My mother instinctively knew how to 'do' hospitality.  She always found a chair for any visitor, offered a cold beverage, had snacks at the ready.  She and my dad worked hard to make their yard lovely and welcoming.

When Mom died this past February, we had a small gathering, but we promised a real mom-party come summer.  Today was the day.

We hosted more than fifty people for lunch.

Kevin: denied a spot in the buffet line
As we scurried around today, setting up tables, organizing the buffet, making sure needs were met, I kept thinking, "What would Mom do right now?"  I had no shortage of answers to the question, as I passed cold water to guests, refilled the bins of plasticware, checked in with Dad, and tried to make everyone feel welcome.

I think everyone had a grand time.  When guests said, "Your mom would love this," we were pleased.

Still, it would have been better with Mom in charge.  No question about that.


  1. It was a great day and a great remembrance of your mom. She was one special lady and I am thankful I got to know her for a little time.

  2. Susan, it sounds like a wonderful day. Sometimes our mothers turn us into the welcoming hosts (hostesses?) we never imagined we could be. Loved reading about this event!

  3. I'm so sorry for your loss. This sounds like a wonderful tribute to her.